For Paolo Reategui, style is not optional; it’s integral to a well-lived life. Paolo learned that as a child, when he would spend hours watching his grandmother sew party dresses, once replicating Princess Diana’s blue sailor suit for his sister. His career has risen along with that connection to style, as he catapulted within a year from his first job at Luca Luca into a position at Yves Saint Laurent.

At YSL, Paolo was not only surrounded by one-of-a-kind couture garments, but found the freedom to discover his own approach to fashion. During his four years at the flagship store, Paolo cultivated an elite and cosmopolitan clientele, building lasting relationships that followed him to his next position.

In 2009, Paolo expanded his expertise when he challenged himself to try a different kind of brand, one that commands an understated yet luxurious presence in the industry: Bottega Veneta. Starting as a sales associate, within six months Paolo became the firm's first ready-to-wear specialist in the U.S. The detailed, strategic work he put into building Bottega Veneta’s RTW business led to the department claiming the top spot for the region for three consecutive years. His relationship with the luxury lifestyle brand lasted over six years, during which time he opened two new Bottega Veneta locations: Geary Street in San Francisco, and New York’s Madison Ave.

Paolo has also styled influential men and women ahead of their multinational public presentations and seminars, including TED Talks. He travels extensively around the globe, always with a keen eye focused on new fashion inspirations. He works diligently from the heart and believes dressing someone is a very intimate honor. As such, chemistry between client and stylist is crucial in order to achieve best results.

"My definition of personal style is a story that's unique to everyone."